PHP Course in Chennai

PHP Course in Chennai

MIIT Global Service provide the Best PHP Course in Chennai. We provide PHP Course, MySql Course, WordPress Course, Joomla Course and Drupal Courses in Chennai.

PHP is an interpreter and script language that is openly obtainable and used firstly on Linux Web servers. PHP is the best server side scripting language. PHP, initially obtained from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP as a Hypertext Preprocessor, which the PHP FAQ describes as a “recursive acronym.”

An HTML page that involves a PHP script is commonly given a file name suffix of php, php7 or phtml. Like ASP, PHP can be concept of as vital HTML pages, since content will differ based on the results of interpreting the script. Here, MIIT PHP Training Institute provides online php training related to the latest version of PHP.

The reason for the scripts is normally to increase the protection or accomplish routine tasks for an application. A script is a position of programming instructions that is interpreted at runtime. Scripts are generally embedded into another software of environments.

Miit Provide Best PHP Course in Chennai

PHP Course in Chennai: A PHP file can contain tags like HTML and client side scripts like JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax.

1) HTML is an include advantage when learning PHP Language. You can even learn        PHP without swearing HTML but it’s justified you at least know the essentials of HTML.

2) Database management systems DBMS for database powered applications.

3) For extra proceed topics such as interactive applications and web services, you will require JavaScript and XML.

PHP course in Chennai

PHP framework supported by multiple database

PHP is free and open source.Small learning curve contrast to other languages like JSP, ASP etc.Most of the web hosting servers support PHP by default unlike other languages like ASP that need IIS. This makes PHP a cost productive choice.

MIIT PHP Training Institute faculties are always updated with the newest Technology trends. It supports MySQL and works with us: this doesn’t mean you can’t use PHP with other database management systems. You can still use PHP with

  • MS SQL Server
  • Postgres
  • ODBC etc.
  • Oracle

PHP is an effective cross platform, this means you can locate your application on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, OS etc.

A PHP framework gives an initial level of structure for development of web apps. Mostly use them because they have good speed up the development process. By using a PHP Framework in MIIT Institutes, you do not spend the extra time, stopping the need to build repetitive code, and you’ll be capable of building new applications rapidly.

PHP handles the Model View Controller (MVC) structure of fundamentals. MVC is an architectural design featured in variant famous and strong programming languages which crack apart your domain logic from your user interface. When we mention to MVC we normally perceive it as this: The M stands for the raw data, the V (view) represents what’s literally being viewed, and C (controller) is in fact the domain logic as seen above.

Cake PHP:

CakePHP is already a decade old, but it’s still in the middle of the most famous PHP frameworks. It is perfectly suited for trade web applications.

If you are looking for a toolkit that elegant and simple look no further for it developer is one of the very simple rest frameworks to learn because it’s CURD (create rate update and delete) framework.


This one is the oldest frameworks but is most powerful and simple. It can easily be installed and needs minimal user configuration.

It works excellently on almost all dedicated and shared hosting platforms. It runs quickly with database tasks in comparison to other frameworks.


In 2005, the symfony Framework was launched and also its been in for longer than other framework. It’s a mature and reliable platform. The Symfony PHP Framework maintains the library of multiple classes written in PHP 5.

This is an open source PHP framework. Excellent tools and useful components are provided for creating composite web apps.


New php technology market, this one is a very good and strong framework. In this framework full of fundamentals that will support you customized composite apps.

Among these: seamless data migration, routing, support MVC architecture, security, authentication and view template engine, among others.

Laravel specify the development procedure some easing common tasks like session, routine, caching and authentication.

Zend Framework:

The Zend framework based on OoPS concepts written strictly in PHP 5, and it uses some features of oops like inheritance and interfaces makes it extendable. Zend is highly observable.

For developers this one the best practices and major point who want to add some specific functionality.

Zend framework is a very good fit for composite enterprise- level project. It comes with a specially good document and has a huge community base.


Yii framework which stands for yes. It is easy, evolutionary and fact. Yii is the very oldest PHP frameworks and has come up with the latest new version Yii 2 to get extra new features.

Its performance is very high, component- based PHP framework for developing modern web application. Yii experts that contribute to its development and have a core developer team.

Furthermore, it has powerful security features that make the framework worthy for highly secure endeavors such as CMS, e-commerce projects, portals, forums, and many others.

Top CMS in a PHP

A CMS is signify to ease the procedure of adding and changing new content to a webpage. Content management systems are frequently used to run websites holding shopping, blogs and news. CMS typically aim to keep away from the need for hand coding but can support it for particular elements or whole pages.

1) WordPress: (WordPress Training in Chennai) WordPress is a favoured platform for non-technical users. There is no option better than wordpress. WordPress does an attractive job as a CMS, making it simple to keep your site, and update your content. WordPress gives a simple user interface and provides a large number of Themes and Plugin.

2) Joomla: (Joomla Training Institute in Chennai) Joomla is an extremely advanced CMS in terms of functionality. Joomla is an open source content management system, free and  a grant-winning CMS, which allows you to develop strong online applications and new Web sites.

3) Drupal: (Drupal Training Institute in Chennai)Drupal has various different types of websites because it used a back-end system, ranging from political sites and small personal blogs to large corporations.

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